IRYS – At a Glance

A Gems & Jewellery centric RFID company focused on conceptualizing and developing smarter Jewellery Management Solutions based on track and trace
technologies such as RFID, NFC and BLE.

The current line-up of commercially available products are aimed not only at optimizing efficiency and accuracy of stock verification processes – from manufacturing to retail, but also at providing valuable Business Intelligence for effective planning of production, stocking and movement of Jewellery products to maximize business gains.

The Irys Smart Tray combined with the Irys Business Intelligence module provides a powerful yet cost effective tool to track & evaluate customer preferences, verify product
viewership patterns against sales, identify slow moving products and reward performing employees.

In addition, Irys RFID scanners along with Irys mobile apps scan RFID tagged Jewellery items at an incredibly fast rate, reducing the stock audit to just a few minutes. The convenience this technology offers allows a near-real-time monitoring of jewellery items as well as carrying out day-to-day transactional activities, thereby enhancing stock visibility and security of the valuable inventory.