Business Intelligence for jewellery retail – Think beyond stock audit

Businesses today face a tsunami of data, quite literally! Daily sales figures, buying patterns, supply chain factors, resource availability, all create a complicated data matrix that is difficult to decipher in real time. To rein in dynamic market trends and competitors, it is crucial that this valuable data is leveraged. What if you were given..

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The Need for Jewellery Management Software

With multiple sellers and billions of customers, markets today operate without any boundaries. Simply put, doing business today is way more complicated, competitive and consumer-centric. Furthermore, the risks or stakes involved in the jewellery industry are ten times higher! This is because it’s a business dealing in intricate, luxurious, expensive and valuable items. Factors such..

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Top 6 features to consider before investing in a Jewellery Software

Inventory management is an indispensable part of managing a jewellery business. Without a proper jewellery management system in place, the daily tasks can become time-consuming, tedious and prone to inaccuracies. This leaves your employees with lesser time to engage customers, thereby negatively impacting your business. With an aim to speed up stock verification, simplify inventory..

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